Kualoa Ranch Zip Line Tour

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This zip line adventure takes place where the Jurassic movies were filmed.

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Kualoa Ranch Zipline Tour

Begin the Kualoa Ranch Zip Line Tour at the top of Ka‘a‘awa Valley behind Kualoa Ranch. There are seven tandem zip lines. Tandem means that you can zip side-by-side and take photos of your friends.

There are two exciting suspension bridges (don’t worry, you’re clipped in across the bridges!).  Throughout the tour you will be enjoying nature including three mini-hiking nature trails that take about 5 minutes. Your zip line tour guide will share with you Hawaiian traditions, flora, and fauna as you cross natural streams and zip through this gorgeous windward valley.

Ziplining Fun for ALL Ages

Ka`a`awa Valley has a rich cultural history and each of the 7 zip lines is named after a culturally significant element of the valley.  The zips were designed so that each provides a distinct cultural experience and learning opportunity.

We recommend the Kualoa Ranch Zip line because it is safe, fun and easy. It makes a perfect first zip line experience because the guides are very good and the breaking system is state-of-the art. It breaks automatically with your guide as a back up. That means that you can enjoy the views and the thrills without having to do a thing. you don’t have the pressure to use a handbrake on this zip line.

Combine one of Oahu’s most beautiful valleys with the thrills of zip lining with the Kualoa Ranch Zip Line Tour.

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