Kona To Pearl Harbor Tour

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Fly from Kona to Honolulu to experience a complete tour of Pearl Harbor.

Location: Check-in At Kona Airport (KOA)
Tour Duration: 13 hours (approx.)

Product Description

For the many visitors who choose to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii but also want to experience the historic sites of Pearl Harbor, we have the ideal solution. Including airfare, admissions, transportation, and a narrated tour, this is a worry-free package for a great day on Oahu.

Arizona Memorial Cloudy Day

Start your day early at Kona Airport, where you board a 40-minute flight to Honolulu. Your guide welcomes you at the airport and takes you straight to Pearl Harbor.

Your first stop is at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Learn all about that infamous day in 1941 when Japanese planes launched a surprise attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor. After exploring the museums and exhibits of the Visitor Center, your next stop is at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater, to watch a 23-minute documentary about the attack.

USS Battleship Missouri

Next, you board a Navy shuttle boat to cross the short distance to the USS Arizona Memorial. This beautiful structure is set in the middle of the lagoon, directly above the sunken battleship USS Arizona. The fallen ship still lies as she sank over 75 years ago and to this day is the grave of most of the men who were on board during the attack.

Once back on firm land, you continue your tour around the other Pearl Harbor Historic Sites. These include the Bowfin submarine, Battleship Missouri, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. Don’t worry about standing in line or paying for admissions here. We have it all covered.

The USS Bowfin Submarine and Park invites you to enter an actual WWII submarine. Go below deck and experience the cramped space in which submariners during the war worked and lived. This submarine is nicknamed the “Pearl Harbor Avenger,” as she was launched exactly one year after the attack.

USS Bowfin Submarine in the Morning

The Battleship Missouri gives you the unique chance to explore the massive ship with its gigantic weapons and stand on the site of the Japanese surrender that ended World War II. During your Pearl Harbor tour, in fact, you see the places that both started and ended the US involvement in the war.

Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island

The Pacific Aviation Museum is the newest attraction at Pearl Harbor and impresses kids and adults alike with its large collection of military aircraft from the past century. Filling two entire hangars, there’s virtually no end to the wonders you can experience here. Learn all about the history of aviation and engineering as your guide takes you around this impressive assemblage of machines.

Before you return to Kona on the evening flight, your guide takes you for a spin around the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery and the historic district of downtown Honolulu. For those interested in the history of Hawaii and the United States, this is the most complete one-day tour to add to your Hawaii vacation.

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