6 Ziplines at Coral Crater + Chiefs Luau

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6 Ziplines at Coral Crater + Chiefs Luau

Oahu has so much to offer. Although the island is small enough to do a round-island trip in just a few hours, there is so much to do here that you couldn’t possibly experience everything the island has to offer, even if you did a different activity every day for a year!

From amazing surf spots to snorkeling to mountain climbing and hiking, the island is an adventurer’s paradise. There are activities for all ages that the whole family can enjoy.

One of the greatest experiences you can have on Oahu is a combination tour offering two completely different activities that complement each other perfectly. This combo consists of a trip to Coral Crater Adventure Park, where you zip through the treetops at breathtaking speeds, followed by a traditional dinner and show experience at Chief’s Luau, the best Luau in the Hawaiian Islands.

Coral Crater Zipline tour

One of the most memorable experiences you can have with the whole family is ziplining. Coral Crater Adventure Park’s zipline course features six lines where you fly across the treetops at speeds up to 35 mph. The lines range in length from 300 to 900 feet and are perfect for anyone needing an adrenaline fix.

Coral Crater 6 Ziplines

This is a perfect activity for all ages, and the high-tech braking systems ensure the highest level of safety, ensuring an enjoyable experience for even the most nervous of guests. The tour is led by experienced tour guides, so you’re never alone on your high-flying adventure.

Chief’s Luau

Following your zipline adrenaline rush, it’s just a short ride to one of the most amazing dinner-and-show experiences the islands have to offer. Chief’s Luau features a traditional Polynesian buffet. The feast includes kalua pig, cooked in an underground oven made from lava stones called an imu, local produce, and traditional foods like poi and lomi-lomi salmon. Of course, there are also those world-famous mai tai cocktails!

Chiefs Luau

Before your feast, take the opportunity to weave your own traditional headpiece from palm leaves, learn to throw a spear, and create a flower lei. The buffet meal is followed by a traditional Polynesian tropical show like no other. With live music, fire knife dancing, and traditional dances from the islands of the Pacific, it’s no wonder this dinner and show package has been voted the best in the Hawaiian Islands.

Chiefs Luau


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