You came to Hawaii looking for a great time, but that doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet! With affordable options available for some of the greatest adventures and thrills to be had on the island, you can certainly zipline or go snorkeling without breaking the bank, but what about the things that don’t cost a thing?

It’s very possible to enjoy your time on Oahu without having to take out your wallet constantly. The islands are filled with striking landscapes to explore, plenty of hiking trails, and, of course, an abundance of beaches to sink your toes into, but those are just a few of the free or at least very cheap sights and activities the island has to offer.

Start with this list and you’ll find an abundance of free things to do during your time in paradise.

Get Involved in the Culture

Crafting a lauhala bracelet

Unless you happen to live on a different Pacific island, chances are Oahu is going to be a far cry culturally from what you’re used to.

The Royal Hawaiian Center offers much more than just world-class shopping. This hot spot, located right in Waikiki, also offers lots of organized activities devoted to Hawaii’s heritage. Through their complimentary cultural programming, you can learn the ins-and-outs of some of the Hawaii’s important cultural traditions. For instance, kumu—teachers—host classes on hula, where you can learn to move like the locals. Other offerings include lei making and lauhala weaving, giving you a chance to bring home some local merchandise, handcrafted by you!

Hawaiian Art History

Love art? Love to save money? Then the Hawaii State Art Museum should be high on your list of things to check out. This collection was created to showcase the local talent of Oahu and the other Hawaiian Islands. Sanctioned by the state of Hawaii, the art history museum is free for all guests and has an extensive series of artwork that will take you through a visual history of the island culture.

Visit Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial

Travel back to pre-World War II Hawaii through a series of exhibits and monuments dedicated to the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. From the memorial to the men of the ill-fated USS Arizona to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, there’s plenty to see at Pearl Harbor that won’t cost you a cent.