With temperatures reaching into the upper 80s and the strong tropical sun shining every day, you might feel that summertime in Hawaii is a little too much. Luckily for you, there are enough activities scattered across the Big Island of Hawaii to give you a reprieve.

Just because it’s getting hotter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself in this Pacific paradise, and by embarking on any of these adventures, you’ll be cooled down before you know it and having so much fun, the heat will be the last thing on your mind!

Wind Whipping Through Your Hair

Whether or not you have long enough hair for the wind to actually whip through, you’re still able to get the most out of this very popular Big Island activity. Ziplining has recently soared in popularity, becoming one of the island’s most sought-after thrills – and for good reason.

Strap in and set off on the ride of your life, flying high over the lush and beautiful terrain of the Big Island. You pass through the thick canopies that shadow the island, zoom by golden coastline, and are privy to views that can easily help you forget just how hot it is outside.

Even if the amazing views don’t help with the heat, at the speed you’re be traveling there’s no doubt you’ll be cooled off by the breeze rushing past you. It’s an exhilarating experience, but far from the only one offered on the Big Island.

Ocean Thrills

Dolphin Snorkeling SwimWhat better way to cool off than to take a dip in the biggest pool the world has to offer? Alright, so it’s not quite a pool, but the Pacific Ocean is an incredible place that you’ll want to get to know personally, especially when it’s hotter outside.

In nature’s swimming pool, you can embark on deep-sea adventures, enjoy some water-based thrills, or just relax on a boat, hiding underneath the shade of a canopy. The ocean offers an underwater world of wonder, filled with incredible wildlife and unforgettable sites like lava tubes and living coral reefs. You can snorkel with the majestic beauties of the deep blue or don an oxygen tank and submerge yourself completely into their world.

On the surface, you can make use of the rolling waves with a number of activities. Surfing, paddle boarding, and even riding along on a water jetpack are just the tip of the “iceberg of fun .” The moment you hit the water, you feel refreshed, sheltered from the tropical summer sun.

Keep in Mind…

Whether you’re swimming in its clear waters or flying high over the Big Island, you definitely want to pack some sunscreen! That tropical sun shows no mercy to anyone, so make sure you’re protected from a nasty sunburn. While you’re traveling around the island, you may also want to consider wearing a hat.