When it comes to getting the most out of your spring break, there are four things to look for:

  • Excitement
  • Good Food
  • Great Scenery
  • Warm Weather

Go down a checklist of all the things Oahu has to offer and you’ll find that it doesn’t fall short on any of those important items. As a tourism mecca that draws in visitors year-round, Oahu has also become a favored spring break location.

If you’re thinking of going to one of the usual spring break destinations, maybe along the Atlantic coast, perhaps it’s time to turn your attention westward, to this tropical island chain in the Pacific. What does Hawaii have that you could be missing out on?

We’re glad you asked.

Beachside Activities

What’s spring break without beautiful blue waters? Practically nothing, which makes Oahu such a great place to take your spring vacation. With easy access to the expanses of warm sandy beaches, the island offers a variety of exciting and fun activities, fit to entertain any type of traveler.

Maui Windsurfing Lessons Advanced

From surfing to snorkeling, the range of activities is varied to accommodate more adventurous and more laid-back travelers. If you’re not big into water but still love the beach, nobody says you can’t spend your days sunbathing or joining your friends in a round of volleyball or beach football.

Looking to work yourself a little but still want to enjoy the benefits of the beach? Then you’ll love the e-bike tour, which takes you all around the island’s beautiful coast on the back of a motorized bicycle. Your lengthy tour along the coast offers more than enough opportunity to stop and enjoy the waves.

Historical Journeys

Known for its outdoor adventures, Oahu is also an amazing place to learn about the nation’s history. At the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, you’re brought back to a day over 75 years ago, when Japanese fighters and submarines breached Pearl Harbor to attack and attempt to cripple the United States Navy.

Bishop Museum Cook GiftsThe Bishop Museum offers a different look at history, especially the history of the Hawaiian culture, dating back to the age of the kings and queens who once ruled over the islands. Artifacts and exhibits provide an in-depth look at all you could want to know about the Hawaiian Islands.

Volcanic Hiking

During a prehistoric volcanic event, the Diamond Head Crater was formed, creating a great place for travelers to explore during their tropical travels. This natural formation overlooks Honolulu, Waikiki, and the Pacific Ocean, providing a great view for anyone willing to make the hike up.Diamond Head Hike

Before getting to the payoff of a fantastic view, hikers enjoy the scenery that comes with the hike up the side of Diamond Head. It’s not a difficult hike, but make sure you’re dressed comfortably based on the season. Reaching the top also gives you bragging rights of having hiked up a volcanic crater.