Zipline & Off-Road Adventure

Ziplines and ATV Adventure

Mixes the best of two worlds – high-flying, speedy thrills with all-terrain exploration. With the Extreme Adventure Combo Package, you’ll get to embark on a journey throughout Oahu both on and off the ground.

Kids Ride free on ATVs. 1 kid free per paying adult.
Extreme Adventure Package
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High Flying and Four-Wheeling

Are you the type that loves high-flying fun, speedy thrills, and adventure that takes you through beautiful and uneven terrain? Do you enjoy getting your feet off the ground and hearing the rev of an engine as you engage the most daring side of yourself? Are you coming to Hawaii to not only enjoy the sights but also find out just how brave you can be?

If you’re still here, chances are you answered “yes” to all of these questions and are an ideal candidate for the Extreme Adventure Combo Package. As the name implies, this isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not for someone who can’t push their own limits and certainly not for people that like to have hours of fun!

The Extreme Side of Adventure

So, what’s so extreme about this incredible combo package of adventure? It mixes the best of two worlds – high-flying, speedy thrills with all-terrain exploration. With the Extreme Adventure Combo Package, you’ll get to embark on a journey throughout Oahu both on and off the ground.

An Aerial Experience

The extreme air adventure comes with a set of 6 zipline courses, running anywhere from 300 to 900 ft. You soar over the beautiful scenery that Hawaii has to offer and zip past the lush green canopies of Oahu’s dense forestry. Don’t hesitate to let go and let yourself get lost in the excitement of zipping from one platform to the next, where guides will get you prepped and ready all while making you familiar with the region you’re about to speed through.

All-Terrain Fun

With your feet planted back on the ground, you’ll jump behind the steering column of your very own all-terrain vehicle for a four-wheeling trek through the many facets of Oahu. You’ll cruise past jungles, climb steep inclines, and zoom by open planes on one of the most picturesque drives you could ever take on the islands.

You’ll become familiar with off-road tactics from knowledgeable guides before taking to the open course, designed specifically to give you the best ATV experience possible.

What To Be Aware Of

The Extreme Adventure Combo Package is designed for children and adults of all ages, but it does offer high-intensity thrills. High speeds, bumpy roads, and heights will be faced with this adventure package.

Unlike many ziplining experiences, our state-of-the-art line is equipped with its own braking system, giving you the freedom to really enjoy the ride. Bring a camera to capture those incredible shots as you zoom down, but be mindful of your valuables!

The all-terrain tour provides milder thrills but comes at a cost of getting very dirty. You’ll be traversing dirt tracks, so expect to receive some backsplash of mud and dirt. Don’t wear anything you don’t want to get dirty and wear closed-toed shoes.

To participate in the Extreme Adventure Combo Package, guests need to meet the minimum weight limit of 60 lbs (40 lbs to ride tandem with a guide) and the maximum limit of 275 lbs. Participants are also required to sign a waiver prior to starting their experience.

Duration: 3 hours

Minimum Weight: 60 lbs. (children 40-60 lbs. can tandem with guide)

Maximum Weight: 275 lbs.

No minimum age for Zipline. Must be 18 and older to drive ATV. Under 18 can be a passenger on an ATV.

You’ll want to dress comfortably for this adventure!  And closed toed shoes are a must!

Duration: 3 hours

Coral Crater Adventure Park Location

All participants must sign a waiver prior to participation. Save yourself some time and fill it out online!

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