A Different View of Oahu

What do you want to take home from your Oahu Hawaiian vacation? Do you just want a few cheap trinkets that will serve only to collect dust on your shelf or do you want to come back with experiences and stories that will never get old to tell? The memories you make are far more valuable than a ceramic spoon with “Hawaii” etched in the center, so let’s take you down a path you probably never thought of; a path carved out above the beautiful treetops of Oahu, giving you the best views you could possibly get.

A Different View of Oahu

If it hasn’t struck you yet, we’re talking about zip lining, and in Oahu, you aren’t stuck with just one zip line adventure. A half-a-dozen incredible exploits await your excitement-loving heart, each one jam packed with its own quirks that will leave you needing more.

Ziplining for Beginners

If you’re new to zip lining, the recommended starting point would be Bayview Zip Line. This family-friendly venture offers the only zip line in Oahu with a minimum age requirement below 6-years-old, meaning even the smallest members of the family can be involved in the thrill. The 400-foot zip line overlooks the nearby miniature golf course, zooming down three different runs at a fun, but safe, 25 mph.

Ziplining for Beginners

Looking for More Thrills?

Should you be in need of something a bit more thrilling than a simple 400-foot run, the North Shore zip line by CLIMB Works Keana Farms should give you everything that you need. Three-hours worth of zip lining should be more than enough time to view most of Oahu’s beauty, and with a guided tour amplifying the experience, you’ll learn all about the exotic history of Hawaii’s culture.

North Shore Climbworks

The 2,400-foot zip line tour is Oahu’s longest zip lining adventure, and the length may be a bit too much for everyone, but there’s still more out there to experience, and one tour is so unique it’s a must for everybody.

Hawaiian Hollywood

You may not be able to zip line over Hollywood, but the Kualoa Ranch Zip Line Tour is as close as you could possibly get. The slice of cinematic history will take you on a unique tour of incredibly memorable sites seen in movies like Godzilla, Jurassic Park, and Lost. Tandem zip lines will zip you across Ka’a’awa Valley before you begin your mini-hike to locations like Godzilla’s footprint and the Kua Loa Statue.

Kualoa ATV Tours

Beyond zip lining, Kualoa Ranch offers a great variety of activities, from horseback riding to driving ATVs to simply vegging out on a secluded, private beach. Bring a bathing suit so you can cool off and explore the crisp waters surrounding Secret Island.

So, you can just rely on your Hawaiian souvenirs to act as the memories of your vacation in Oahu, or you can make memories yourself with any of these amazing zip lining tours.