Oahu Horseback Riding at Sunset on Beach

Horseback ride the beaches of Hawaii at Sunset!

This is fun for any experience level of anyone 8 years of age and up! Aptly named, Sunset Beach is the perfect backdrop for the island getaway sunset. Boasting large areas of white sand, electric blue waters, large waves, and an almost never ending coastline view full of palm trees and rocky outcrops.

Island dreams are made of this and you can make them come to life!

About Oahu Horseback Riding

Experience the wonder of riding along Oahu’s North Shore. With Oahu Polo Trail Rides, visitors can check out the breathtaking coastlines of Oahu. Led by experienced guides, these polo ponies are the perfect way to experience the scenery. For a different pace, visitors can learn the art of Polo or play in the weekly Sunday match. Whether you want a romantic sunset ride or a solo adventure, our rides are an ideal way to spend your Oahu vacation.

Horse Riding Options

Depending on your group and unique interests, you may want to try a variety of different rides. Some of the options that we have available include:

Private Horse Rides

Escape from your daily life with a solo trail ride. We have three time options available, so you can choose the time that suits you best. Our oceanfront tour is perfect for a personal experience of Oahu’s coastline. Spend a few hours riding along the beach and feel all of your worries melt away.

The Sunshine Ride

With the sunshine ride, you can experience the North Shore during the daytime. Keep your eyes open because sea turtles love to feed among the polo field’s rocks. The working polo ponies know what they are doing, so you can be sure of an enjoyable ride even if you have no previous experience. With an advanced sunshine ride, you can practice cantering and trotting on the polo field. Sunshine rides are available at 2 and 4 PM from April to August. From September to March, you can enjoy riding at 1 PM or 3 PM.

The Sunset Ride

Whether you want a romantic evening or unforgettable views, a sunset ride is a perfect choice. All rides use our well-trained horses, so you can relax and enjoy the spectacular lighting of the sunset. These ride times change throughout the year so that your ride coincides with the sunset. From September to March, the sunset rides are available at 5 PM. From April to August, check out our sunset rides at 6 PM.

Oahu Horseback Riding

The Polo Ride

You have seen people play polo in British films, and now is the best time to experience the game on your own. Known as the sport of kings, this adventure lets you learn the ins and outs of the best sport on horseback. We offer polo lessons at 5 PM throughout the year. From April to August, lessons are available on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. During the wintertime, you can enjoy polo lessons on Tuesday and Thursday from September to March.

Before You Go

You want to be as comfortable as possible on your ride, so be prepared with the right clothes. We recommend closed-toed shoes and long pants, but these clothing items are not required. To protect our ponies, we ask that every rider weighs less than 250 pounds. If it seems like you may weigh over 240, we may ask you to get on a scale just to make sure.

What Kind of Horses Will We Be Riding?

We only use polo horses, so your horse could be a quarterhorse, thoroughbred or a mixture of the two. Each ride lasts for about 60 to 90 minutes, but this can vary based on the horses or the groups. Make sure to bring along your camera, and your guide can help you take pictures of your ride.

Do I Need to Have Experience?

You do not need to have any previous horseback riding experience to go on a polo trail ride. While horseback experience is not required, you do have to be physically capable of doing the ride. If you have a medical condition or another problem, talk to your doctor first and let us know. Children as young as eight years old can do the ride, so most people can handle a trail ride without a problem.


Group Rider $98

Available Times

• April-August: 6:00PM
• September-March: 5:00PM


• Must be 8 years and over
• Weight cannot exceed 240lbs.

Check-In Information

Please arrive promptly 30 minutes before your activity’s start time to check in.

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Secure Checkout

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