Oahu Shark Cage Encounters

Safe Shark Cage with Plexiglass Window

Hawaii Shark Encounters will take you on a journey like you have never seen before. You will easily overcome your fears from the safety of the shark diving cage. The shark visitors you can expect to see are Galapagos & Sandbar sharks ranging up to 15 feet long!

If you’re lucky, a Tiger Shark or even a Whale Shark come up to the shark cage! Relax, safety is our number one priority. This is fun for all ages and you don’t need to be an expert swimmer as there are handlebars built into the shark cage for you to hold on to. So come and dive into what you’ve always wanted to experience! Your soon to be favorite adventure.

Sharks Made of Legend

Sharks are the focus of many native Hawaiian legends and cultural events. Long ago, the shark was thought to be a part of their ancestral familial gods. In one legend, the shark god Kamohoali’i guided Pele as she fled her sister to the Hawaiian islands. Today, you can check out Hawaii’s sharp-toothed fish through the safety of a shark cage. While you are protected by the cage, these agile beasts will gracefully slip by just inches away. Tours start at the Haleiea Small Boat Harbor before sailing three miles out to sea. Other than sharks, you may get to see flying fish, humpback whales, spinner dolphins and sea turtles. Once you arrive at the location, the sharks will rise up to meet you from the depths of the ocean.

Shark Encounters Hawaii Shark

Eco-Friendly Tours for All Divers

At Oahu’s Shark Encounters, we work to make sure that the tour is as eco-friendly as possible. Like many species, some sharks are growing endangered. By becoming educated about these sharks, you can learn about conservation and one of the earth’s most fascinating creatures. Each cage hovers just underneath the water, so you do not have to have any diving experience to enjoy the tour. All you need is a mask and a snorkel to enjoy the tour. We outfit the cages with poly-glass windows so that you can experience the ocean like you are actually swimming with the sharks. The windows and steel bars are designed to be strong, so they can withstand any shark bite.

To protect the environment, we never travel over reefs or weigh anchor in areas that could harm the environment. When we do get to our location, we turn off the engines to help conserve gas. The sharks are naturally curious and interested in you, so we never have to bait them or frighten them. The entire tour is designed to create a low-impact encounter that is environmentally sustainable.

Hawaii Shark Encounters Scary

Conserve the Ocean’s Most Majestic Predator

According to current scientific estimates, 60 percent of the sharks on earth have already been killed. Another 11 species are listed on the critically endangered species list. Most of these extinctions have been caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge. Sharks fear humans far more than you fear them.

By learning about the sharks and experiencing them up close, you are taking the first step at changing this global misconception. While scary sharks are popular in Hollywood movies, the blockbuster films have it wrong. Sharks are a significant part of Hawaiian culture and a necessity for many eco-systems.

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Shark Species

During the tour, you may encounter a variety of different shark species. Some of the most common include:

Galapagos Shark: This shark can weigh up to 400 pounds and can span 10 feet in length. Technically, this shark is classified as one of the most aggressive. In reality, this aggressive behavior is probably overstated. The Galapagos shark makes are extremely curious, so they naturally want to investigate anything new. They are seen throughout the year, but are quite numerous in early summer and spring.

Tiger Shark: We normally do not see Tiger sharks on the tour because they are quite shy. If they do arrive, make sure to snap a photo because you are one of the lucky few who actually see a Tiger shark come up to the cage!

Sandbar Shark: This shark is extremely common and will often swim up to the cage. The Sandbar shark is normally about four to six feet in length, but it can reach up to eight feet in length.

Other than sharks, you may come across a Spinner dolphin or a humpback whale on your tour. Whale sightings normally happen from November to March when the whales are migrating. You are not legally allowed to get within 200 feet of a whale, but if a humpback whale comes up to your cage, you are completely allowed to snap a photo and enjoy seeing such a beautiful sight.

Shark Cage Encounter

The Shark Experience

With Hawaii Shark Encounters you will see sharks like you have never seen them before. Anyone that has visited the deep blue walks away a changed person, having found a new appreciation for the ocean’s incredible inhabitants.

It will be the blue water experience you will never forget.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a wilderness experience and Mother Nature is in charge, so occasionally we must reschedule tours because of the weather. If you’re flexible, we promise to get you in another day.

After the shark tour, check out the town and beautiful public beaches nearby. The harbor is easy walking distance from lots of great shops and site seeing in Haleiwa town.

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