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Can you think of anything more adventurous?! Experience the exhilarating Hawaii shark tours that will definitely be the highlight of your Hawaiian vacation! Shark Week is awesome and all, but actually going out and doing it for yourself is a huge shark bite out of your bucket list.

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There are nearly 40 species of sharks in the waters surrounding the eight Hawaiian Islands. These fascinating creatures mean so much more to the Hawaiian culture than the blood thirsty predator portrayed in the movie “JAWS”. We hope this article on Hawaii shark tours is a great resource for you to have a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture through the sharks on Oahu.


Mano is the Hawaiian word for shark. Some Hawaiians believe that they are directly related to sharks through their ancestors. According to ancient Hawaii folklore, once a family member passes away, the spirit of their ancestors, ‘aumakua, comes back as mano to protect them. The kahuna, commonly known as the priest, would inform the family of specific markings on a particular shark’s body that would resemble the clothing of the deceased. Families that believe in this religious narrative put a tremendous amount of faith in the shark to help feed the family. They feel it steers fish into their nets, as well as deters danger by protecting them. On the other hand, their ‘aumakua could injure or even execute the family’s enemies.

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Just as families have their own personal ‘aumakua, each of the islands have their own shark guardian. The shark deity for Oahu shark cage diving is Kamohaoali’i. He is said to reside in an underwater cave near Pearl Harbor and is the older brother of the fire goddess Pele.

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