Oahu’s Waikiki Coast Line: Sail Boats and Catamarans

There’s no denying that on dry land, Hawaii is enchanting. From the laid back urbane allure of Waikiki and the monstrous waves of Oahu’s North Shore to the towering mountains of the Kaaawa Valley and the otherworldly landscapes of Haleakala National Park, the Hawaiian archipelago serves up some of the most beautiful natural scenery on the planet.

Sail Boat afternoon

But ask any local, and they’ll testify that a Hawaiian experience just isn’t complete without getting up close and personal with the glittering North Pacific Ocean. For hundreds of years, Hawaiians have nurtured a special relationship with the sea. And for visitors wanting a true taste of Hawaii, sailing its stunning coastlines is a rite of passage. So what’s on offer from an Oahu sailing or catamaran cruise? Read on as we explore some of the incredible encounters and experiences that await those who jump aboard…

Access all areas

For starters, sailing trips unlock access to remote areas that simply aren’t accessible by land. For example, Hawaii’s world famous Turtle Canyon. Here. Not only will you get a chance to swim with green sea turtles, but you’ll also encounter flying fish, Moorish idols, and Hawaii’s official state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Yes, it’s a mouthful!

Sail Boat Couple

A hidden world

Hawaii is gorgeous above ground, but it’s also home to one of the most vibrant underwater ecosystems in the world. Sailing tours whisk passengers away to kaleidoscopic coral reefs, where green sea turtles glide past with remarkable grace. As Hawaii hosts such a rich marine ecosystem, it’s not uncommon to encounter playful dolphins, manta rays and even whales. Not to mention a rainbow of tropical fish that frolic around Oahu’s coral reefs.

Mesmerizing sunsets

Watching a Waikiki sunset is always magical, though from the deck of a luxury sailboat the experience is amplified by tenfold. For tranquility, romance and a sense of utter relaxation, getting off the beach and into the heart of the ocean is a must.

Sail Boat group from Oahu

Laid back luxury

Whether you prefer to soak up the sun on deck or dive head first into Oahu’s vibrant marine ecosystem, nothing says ‘Hawaiian vacation’ quite like sailing the turquoise waters of Hawaii. Slip into holiday mode, sip on a fruity cocktail and linger over a sunset meal as you cruise the waters of Waikiki.

A new perspective

Gazing out to the horizon is hypnotic, but for a fresh perspective why not jump aboard a sailboat or catamaran and soak up Hawaii from a different angle? From natural wonders like Oahu’s towering Diamond Head volcano to the shimmering skylines of Honolulu and Waikiki, sailing opens up exciting new vistas.

Rainbow Sail Boat

Whether you want to get up close and personal with marine life, lose yourself in a fiery Waikiki sunset, slip into utter relaxation mode or experience a different side to Hawaii’s iconic views, sailboat and catamaran tours are a fantastic way to enjoy all the delights the archipelago has to offer.