Maui Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing lessons on Maui? Yes please!!

It’s simple! Maui Sports will take care of you as you learn an extremely fun Maui water sport surrounded by turquoise waters, green mountains, and scenic white sandy beaches. Experience the prime sunny conditions and aloha as you excitedly skim across the tropical Pacific! Need we say more?!

We offer all levels of windsurfing lessons for you and your entire family. Total beginners will start on the Longboard lessons learning all the basics and sail handling skills. Our friendly instructors will teach you how to sail, and how to “read the wind”. The beginner lessons are scheduled in the mornings when the wind is lighter. We use small sails that are easy to lift and manage.

We have small sails for kids as young a six, and every size for the bigger riders. Longboards are big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. They make it possible to be up and riding on your very first lesson. After a week or so on the longboard, you may want to try the some shorter boards in the stronger winds.

Maui Windsurfing Lessons: Learn to Windsurf

BEGINNER WINDSURFING: When learning to windsurf we use big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. Including the “Starboard Go” wide-style boards, and the Naish Kailua wide-style boards. These are the top quality brands in the business. These extra stable boards make it possible to be stay up and sailing in your very first lesson. We have a range of Sails to use, to suit different size sailors. Our sails are lightweight and very user friendly.

What to expect:

In the beginner class you will learn to sail across the water turn around and sail back to the beach. We start with a short land lesson to talk about wind, terminology, and stance, and proper launching. And then we get get into the water to learn the basics. Positioning , uphauling, turning, and power control and sail steering. We work out of the protected cove at the calmer end of the beach. When learning to windsurf we want calmer conditions, flatter water, and less wind so we prefer the mornings. Beginner lessons usually taught as a group, and start at 9am. All equipment included. 2.5hrs/day 9am-11:30am Monday thru Saturday.


What to bring:

Bring your towel, sunscreen, and a drink. Wear a sturdy bathing suit, boardshorts are recommended. If you wear glasses make sure that they are securely tied on. We supply the reef shoes, jacket and shirt. If you are sailing for a few days consider buying your own rashguard shirt and sea-specks (sunglasses), and booties. We have these items for sale at the store. If you want to hang out all day at the beach bring a picnic lunch, and a cooler with plenty of drinks. There are no food vendors at the park.

Our Location:

Our Maui Windsurfing Lessons are held at Kanaha Beach Park, on Maui’s North Shore. This beach is a premier windsurfing location, Famous around the windsurfing world. Kanaha has something to offer every level of windsurfer.

Maui Windsurfing Lessons Map

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