Maui Stand-Up Paddle Lessons

Discover the Beauty of Maui’s Waters With a Stand-Up Paddle Board Tour

When paddle boarding was first created, it was originally called “beach boy surfing” because of the Waikiki beach boys who enjoyed doing it. Paddle boarding is basically a combination of canoe-style paddling and the balancing of surfing. This popular pastime is one of the of the most enjoyable ways to experience the ocean water around Maui. Whether you are 70 years old or 7 years old, you can enjoy using a stand-up paddle board.

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Private: $145.00

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Starting Your Lessons

If you are new to Maui Stand-Up Paddle Lessons, do not worry. Each stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) tour starts on completely flat water. At this point, our tour guides help you to learn how to balance on your board and paddle safely. Since stand-up boards are much larger than surfboards, they are more stable in the water. Once you have figured out how to balance safely, you can begin to use your paddle for steering and propelling yourself through the water. When the lesson is complete, you are ready to venture out into the open water.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Lessons for Beginners

Who Can Enjoy Paddle Boarding?

Stand-up paddle boarding has grown quickly in popularity across the globe. Unlike sea kayaking or water skiing, this activity can be learned in a single afternoon. Whether you are on a lake or an open ocean, you can easily enjoy this sport. Since no experience is required to learn this activity, it is ideal for all ages. As long as you are physically healthy, you can enjoy paddle boarding.

If you are worried about gaining a few pounds while you are on vacation, paddle boarding is a great way to stay in shape. When you are paddle boarding, hundreds of small muscles are engaged in your core and legs. Other than increasing your strength, the activity from paddle boarding helps to quickly burn calories. While you have to bend your knees to move from kneeling to standing, it requires minimal mobility and is a low-impact exercise for your joints.

Maui Stand-Up Paddle Lessons

Where Do You Fit?

For a beginner lesson, you can choose a private or a group class. Our lessons are designed to get you out on the water and immediately learning how to paddle on the board. If you are at an intermediate or advanced level, you can rent a board and take off! Let the waves do the work as you reach the perfect spot along the shoreline. If you want an intermediate lesson, make sure to arrange a time that works best for you. Lessons are available for all levels, and you can choose to have a private or a semi-private lesson.

To make sure that everyone can fully enjoy the lesson safely, we ask that all children be accompanied by an adult onshore. Lessons are available for children who are older than six years old. For the adult class, children must be at least nine years old. Please let us know if you weigh more than 220 pounds so that we can get the right board for you.. Likewise, tell your guide in advance if you have any mental or physical disabilities that may be a problem.

Maui Paddle Lessons Board Man

Experience a Relaxing Cruise Along Maui’s Coastline

Stand-up paddle boards are easy to use. This worldwide phenomenon is a popular recreational pastime and sport. Even if you are not in the best of shape, you can enjoy a great core workout as you cruise along Maui’s gorgeous coastlines. In just a few hours, you can go from completely unable to balance to paddling along the shoreline. Whether you are an experienced wind surfer or completely unaccustomed to the open ocean waves, you can enjoy this water activity that is perfect for all ages.

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