Hawaii Dolphin Swim on Big Island

Swimming with the Wild Dolphins in Hawaii

Besides humpback whales, monk seals and green sea turtles, spinner dolphins are the biggest stars of Hawaiian sea life. While other places offer you chances to see these marine mammals in a caged environment, Hawaii Dolphin Swim will bring you out to the open sea of Hawaii, where you can meet wild spinner dolphins in their natural habitat.

Let us take you on this once in a lifetime adventure. Spinner dolphins are intelligent and gentle mammals who have been known to be curious and playful when met by swimmers. Deep water hunters by night, they like to play and rest close to shore during the day. With a bit of luck, you can see large pods of 300 dolphins, including mothers with babies, as they swim by the picturesque reefs of Hawaii.

Adults: $144.00
Children: $115.20

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You will have the choice of watching from the boat, or jumping in to join the stars of this show for an electrifying morning swim. Known by the scientific name of “Stenella longirostris“, Spinner dolphins are one of the smaller species of marine mammals that can be found in Hawaii. Their English name refers to their magnificent leaping skills. They can spin around their longitudinal axis as if jumping with joy.

After your dolphin encounter, the crew will take you to a peaceful coral reef to snorkel and explore the kaleidoscopic multitude of Hawaii’s sea life. One of the main sights here is the “turtle cleaning station”. This refers to a point on the reef where green sea turtles rest calmly, while fish clean algae off their sensitive shells

Hawaii Dolphin Swim Info

9:00AM-12:00PM (Check in 30 minutes prior to departure)
Bring: Towel, sunscreen, and hat. Come dressed to get in the water.

During this field trip organic and vegetarian food, as well as soft drinks will be served. Food is provided by vegetarian gourmet restaurant “Under the Bodhi Tree” and includes banana bread, hummus, avocado wraps, brownies and fresh fruit. Besides fresh water and common soft drinks, delicious aloha juices will be available to keep you hydrated.

To join this tour, please check in at 8.30 in the morning. The boat leaves Puako at 9 a.m. equipped with snorkel gear and floatation devices for all passengers. Be ready to swim! Dress lightly in your swimming outfit and as much cover as you need from the sun. Please bring a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburn. You will return to shore around 12 noon. Adults pay 140$ for this adventure. Kids aged 3-12 get a 30$ discount and only pay 110$.

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