Take a look at a map of the Hawaiian Islands and what is the most prominent feature of this tropical paradise? The deep blue that stretches for miles upon miles from the coastline of each island. The Pacific Ocean has been around since long before the formation of the islands, so it’s safe to say that there are incredible treasures waiting in the depths of this big, beautiful pond of blue.

We’re not talking about gold coins and chests full of riches, rather about visual treasures and incredible finds. Have you ever wondered what may sit on the ocean floor or hidden within the rocky coastlines of the Hawaiian Islands?

Let’s go exploring and find out!

The Wreckage of the Corsair

After World War II ended, the US Army Air Corps went about its training as normal, and the coasts of Hawaii proved a popular location. One such test was of a Vought Corsair that, to this day, sits at the bottom of the Pacific.

During the training exercise, the plane fired off warnings about a low fuel reserve. Without enough to make it back to safety, the pilot ejected and the aircraft crashed into the water. Today, the wreckage of the Corsair still sits in the Pacific, serving as an incredible dive site appropriate for experienced divers.

The twisted metal of the wreckage appears thoroughly alien within the deep blue, which may be its greatest appeal.

Natural Wonders

Throughout the course of the formation of the Hawaiian Islands, volcanic eruptions have led to dense lava flows. From these flows, underwater lava tubes were formed. While they may sound unapproachable, these tubes have actually solidified and turned into fantastic features of the Pacific, many of which you can swim around and explore.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for sea caves, formed naturally over years of erosion. These hidden wonders offer often-uncharted sections of the Hawaiian coastline that, like the lava tubes, may hide beauties of the deep like tropical fish and stunning coral.

Living Treasures

Beyond the stationary features in the deep blue, a dive beneath the surface also introduces you to a world of living treasures, creatures of the Pacific that will be just as curious about you as you are about them.

Gliding green sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, and friendly pods of dolphins swim throughout this expansive world. While you may expect them to immediately swim away from you, chances are they may swim right by, as if checking out who entered their home.

During the winter, the coasts of Hawaii welcome humpback whales, which offer an unforgettable sight to those lucky enough to experience them.