Safety of our guests is our primary concern. We don’t talk about the adventure if we aren’t comfortable with a vendor’s safety measures.


We believe that expeditions should be fun. It may be a scientific study of birds on Maui, but it should be fun. 


Our guests are value conscious. If an expedition is expensive, it better be worth it. 

Do you offer an adventure in Hawaii?

We are always looking for the newest and most exciting expeditions, adventures and activities to offer on We offer only the highest quality experiences of land, sea, and air. Outdoor Hawaii is a statewide operation and our team visits each vendor to ensure product quality.

Outdoor Hawaii Vendors Must:

  • Have adequate insurance (Amount depends on the activity).
  • Possess all licenses and permits required.
  • Be registered as a Hawaii business.
  • Be environmentally conscious.
  • Have written safety and emergency policies.

If you are interested in offering your experience on, please fill out the contact form below.  

Tell us: 

  1. The name of your company
  2. The activity your are offering
  3. Links to your product


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